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Your Own Personal CFO

Taken at face value, traditional financial planning is a static approach and doesn’t tend to build flexibility into life changes that will inevitably occur.

Our team takes the approach of building strategies that are tailored to each individual and family. Through our discovery of your visions, values and goals, we are able to provide a customized assessment to assist each client in achieving their life and financial goals.

Our proactive approach allows us to identify both opportunities and risks that occur due to life events. We build flexibility into the way we manage your wealth so that when life throws curve balls, we are ready for them. As a personal CFO, Sinitus Group recognizes that no two clients are alike and that each individual has a different “financial DNA.”

“We at Sinitus Group love the term Personal CFO because it truly states what we are all about. We deliver personalized management of our client’s wealth. We don’t want to focus on just one area of your wealth, we take a holistic approach and ensure that all strategies are fully aligned.”


Sinitus Group

Full Accountability

Sinitus Group is committed to delivering the highest level of personalized service to our clients. Our boutique approach provides us the opportunity to build a client-led service model that is truly personalized to meet your needs. Our team understands that every client is unique and believes that every client should be treated as such.

In determining what you envision your wealth doing for you; what you value about your wealth; and what you want to achieve through your wealth, we are able to deliver truly unique advisory solutions for all your financial needs.

Financial Advisors, Financial Advocacy

Sinitus Group is a boutique financial services firm that caters to a limited number of individuals, families, and businesses serving as their personal CFO.

We deliver a promise to each and every one of our clients that we will provide personalized and customized services. We invest the time to learn your whole story, your journey, the things you enjoy, and where you want to go. By understanding our clients, we are able to deliver services and strategies that are built with them, and only them, in mind.

Sinitus Group`s  Wealth Management clients value the boutique environment that we have created, as it allows them to truly become part of our extended family.

The Sinitus Difference

A Comprehensive Family-Office Solution

While staying rooted in the here and now, Sinitus Group helps you visualize the future. This provides a more integrated and complete solution for dealing with wealth complexities. Our firm begins and ends with you, and we distinguish ourselves from the competition by centering ourselves on two distinct values: trust and emotional involvement.

Innovative Financial Advisors

In our quest to revolutionize the way wealth is managed, Sinitus Group begins by recognizing that each client is an individual and each situation is unique. We understand that goals are different in the time and resources they require to be achieved. The best strategies are those that allow for multiple short- and long-term goals, those that are truly customized, and those that are designed to fully support the way you live your life. Sinitus  Group is eager to offer you a consistent and holistic wealth management approach delivered by people focused on providing high quality advice and attentive service.

Breadth of Expertise

Sinitus Group has developed a team structure supported by wealth management experts demonstrating competency across a broad range of financial issues. Building professional relationships and structuring our team in this unique way allows us to offer wealth management expertise in various areas. This helps to ensure you receive the benefit of credible advice and solutions customized to your needs.